Eide Ghadeer 2021

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Hearty Congratulations on the greatest Eid– Eide Ghadeer.

 “Of Whomever I am Master, this Ali is his Master,” thus declared the Holy Prophet (saw)

 The 18th Zilhajj in the 10th year of Hijri has marked the epoch in Islamic history.

On this bright sunny day, the Holy Prophet (saw)  by the command of Almighty Allah, proclaimed in the plains of Ghadeer to an audience of 125000 companions — a message which perfected Islam.

The announcement as resoundingly momentous about his inevitable succession was also unequivocal in its content. Imam Ali bin Talib (as) was publicly designated to be the successor of the Holy Prophet (saw).

The explicit announcement made by the Holy Prophet (saw) after raising the hand of Imam Ali (as) clearly conveyed that Ali shall be his successor, inheritor, and the master of all the believers after him.

The ardent devotees of Imam Ali (as) have been celebrating this day as Eid and it is popularly known as Eide Ghadeer, rather Eide Akbar or the greatest Eid.

Many people erroneously believe that Muslims have two Eid,  Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Azha, and no celebration beyond these two. Before any further explanation, it is significant to understand the Arabic term, Eid.

The word Eid is derived from the root word of Aada which means to return or recur, which means Eid is a day which recurs annually.

The holy month of Ramzan and fasting culminates on 1st Shawwal and is celebrated as Eid Al Fitr. Nevertheless,  the completion of the rituals of the holy pilgrimage of Hajj is celebrated as Eid Al Azha.

The significant point is that even after the completion of the entire month of fasting, it only concludes Ramzan and not our religion. Similarly, with Eid Al Azha and efforts of pilgrimage, no Muslim can claim perfection of religion.

Unexceptionally, Eid e Ghadeer is the day which not only perfected the religion of Islam but also completed the bounties of Allah. Following a revelation from Allah, the Holy Prophet (saw) assembled everyone and heralded his successor:

“Of whomsoever, I am the Master, then Ali (as) is also his Master.”

(Sunane Tirmizi hadith no 3713)

Famous Ahle Tasannun scholar, Ibne Asakir has recorded in his magnum opus, Tarikh Madinatul Damishq, in 42nd volume, pg 337, after the proclamation of the mastership of Ameerul Momineen Ali bin Abi Talib (as) the verse, ‘Today I perfected your religion, completed my bounties on you and I am pleased for you with the religion of Islam’  (Maidah:3) was revealed. There is a general consensus among Muslims that the ayat was revealed on the day of Ghadeer.

Even if we look at the common practice of the companions of the Holy Prophet (saw), we will realize the importance that they accorded to this day. Then why is it so difficult for Muslims to celebrate this auspicious day as Eid which was chosen by Allah to perfect His religion?  As evidence and in the interest of brevity, we shall mention two authentic references here :

Abu Hurairah has narrated that one who fasts on 18th Zilhajj then the reward for fasting on that day is equivalent to fasting for 60 months. And it was on the day of Ghadeer when the Holy Prophet (saw) raised the hand of Ali bin Abi Talib and asked “Am I  not the master of the believers?” When everyone replied in affirmative. Then the Holy Prophet (saw) continued, Whoever regards me as his Master then Ali is his Master”.

In fact, it was Umar bin Khattab who congratulated Imam Ali (as) saying, ”Kudos and accolades to you O Ali!  Today you have become my master and the master of all the believers. (Tarikh Madintul Damishq, vol 42, pg 234)

Ibne Talha Shafei has written on pg 79  of his book Matalibus Souol fi Manaqibe Aale Rasul, ‘The event of Ghadeer took place on 18th Zilhajj on a spot between Makka and Madina. Imam Ali (as) has himself mentioned this day as Eid in his poetry on myriad occasions. The day was commemorated as Eid of Ghadeer since  the Holy Prophet (saw) bestowed such an exalted and noble position of mastership to Imam Ali (as) which was never given to anyone ever.’

These historical citations clearly indicate that Imam Ali himself remembered this day as nothing less than Eid. The congratulatory exclamations of Umar bin Khattab also prove that this was a unique status accorded to Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (as) which gives him supreme precedence as the successor to the Holy Prophet (saw)  and announces his caliphate over the Muslim world. The felicitation only signifies that it was a practice of the sahaba of the Holy Prophet (saw) to celebrate this day as Eid. The Muslims generally celebrate on the day of Eid and convey approbatory messages to each other. The way the second caliph of Muslims expressed his compliments to Imam Ali (as). If someone does not celebrate this auspicious and the greatest Eid then it could only be due to one of the following reasons, either he is totally ignorant and clueless of the Islamic history and its established practices or he does not know the importance of the day of Ghadeer. As a Muslim, we are expected to follow Islam in its entirety.

We should follow the precepts of the Holy Quran, teachings of the Holy Prophet (saw) and emulate the revered companions and celebrate the glorious day of Eid Ghadeer with all its fervour and gaiety. Muslims should meet their relatives and friends and exchange greetings with each other so that it should become amply evident that we are delighted on such a celebratory occasion.

We present our heartfelt congratulations to all the Muslims on such a joyous day and pray to Allah through the exalted position of Imam Ali (as) that we remain steadfast on the righteous religion till our last breath which was perfected on the day of Ghadeer.

We also pray for the expeditious reappearance of Allah’s last vicegerent and the 12th successor of the Holy Prophet (saw), Imam Mahdi (as) whose advent will establish Ghadeeri Islam in the entire world.

Aameen Rabbal Aalameen.


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