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  • If Dissimulation (Taqiyyah) is our religion, then shouldn’t it be practiced always?

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Certainly, dissimulation (Tayiqqah) is our religion but it is important to know where to practice Taqiyyah. His Eminence Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) says: إِنَّمَا جُعِلَتِ التَّقِيَّةُ لِيُحْقَنَ بِهَا الدَّمُ فَإِذَا بَلَغَتِ التَّقِيَّةُ الدَّمَ فَلَا تَقِيَّةَ “Certainly, dissimulation (Taqiyyah) has been kept so that blood is protected but if despite dissimulation (Taqiyyah) blood is […]

  • Shias are killed due to Tabarra!

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Did the companions of our infallible Imams (a.s.) like Meesam al-Tammar, Ammar Yasir, Malik al-Ashtar, Hujr Ibn Adi, martyrs of Karbala, other companions, scholars, and all those who laid their lives in defense of the Mastership (Wilaayah) of Ahlul Bait (peace be upon them) express dissociation (Tabarra) or no? Of course, they did since they […]

  • Is Tabarra a Prophetic Practice (Sunnah)?

    Reading Time: < 1 minute We find the practice (Sunnah) of Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) in the Holy Quran thus: قَدْ كَانَتْ لَكُمْ أُسْوَةٌ حَسَنَةٌ فِي‏ إِبْرَاهِيْمَ وَ الَّذِيْنَ مَعَهُ إِذْ قَالُوْا لِقَوْمِهِمْ “Indeed, for you there is an excellent example in Ibrahim (a.s.) and those with him when they said to their people” إِنَّا بُرَآؤُا مِنْكُمْ وَ مِمَّا تَعْبُدُوْنَ مِنْ […]

  • Does Cursing (La’nah) tantamount to hurting sentiments?

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Firstly, it should be known that calling ‘evil’ an ‘evil’ is not at all inappropriate. It is a norm across the world as well. If a person oppresses someone, then the oppressed one has all the right to call the oppressor an evil person. On the contrary, the oppressor has no right to feel hurt […]

  • Are Baraa’ah and Tabarra not the same?

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Baraa’ah is heartily dissociation from anyone whereas the manifestation of this dissociation is known as ‘Tabarra’. [Qaamoos Alfaaz al-Quran, p. 45] For instance, belief in Tauheed (Divine Monotheism) demands that we wholeheartedly dissociate from any other deity besides Allah. The statement ‘There is no god but Allah’ (Laa Ilaaha Illallah) is the manifestation of this […]

  • Most Important Supplication at the time of Iftaar

    Reading Time: 2 minutes There are many traditions narrated by the Ahlul Bait (peace be upon them) concerning supplicating at the time of breaking the fast (Iftaar) in the blessed month of Ramadan. His Eminence Imam Hasan al-Mujtaba (peace be upon him) says: أَنَّ لِكُلِّ الصَّائِمِ عِنْدَ فُطُورِهِ‏ دَعْوَةً مُسْتَجَابَةً “For every fasting person there is an accepted (guaranteed) […]

  • Are we fulfilling Almighty Allah’s Covenant?

    Reading Time: < 1 minute His Eminence Abu Abdillah Imam Ja’far Sadiq (peace be upon him) said: الْقُرْآنُ عَهْدُ اللهِ إِلَى خَلْقِهِ فَقَدْ يَنْبَغِي لِلْمَرْءِ الْمُسْلِمِ أَنْ يَنْظُرَ فِي عَهْدِهِ وَ أَنْ يَقْرَأَ مِنْهُ فِي كُلِّ يَوْمٍ خَمْسِينَ آيَة “The Holy Quran is Allah’s covenant unto His creation. So, it is appropriate for a Muslim man to look at his […]

  • Question of Holy Prophet (s) to his Ummah on the Day of Judgement

    Reading Time: < 1 minute His Eminence Imam Muhammad Baqir (peace be upon him) narrates that Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his holy progeny) said: “I shall be the first to arrive on the Day of Judgement in front of the Majestic and Powerful (Lord) and after me His Book and my progeny. Then my nation (Ummah) shall […]

  • Three Books of Records for every person on the Day of Judgement

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Yunus Ibn Ammar narrates that Abu Abdillah Imam Jafar Sadiq (peace be upon him) said: “On the Day of Judgment, there will be three books of records: the book of the record of the bounties, the book of the record of the good deeds and the book of the record of the evil deeds. The […]

  • The Noblest of all Actions

    Reading Time: < 1 minute إِنَّ أَشْرَفَ أَعْمَالِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ فِي مَرَاتِبِهِمُ الَّتِي قَدْ رُتِّبُوا فِيهَا مِنَ الثَّرَى إِلَى الْعَرْشِ الصَّلَاةُ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وَ آلِهِ الطَّيِّبِينَ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِمْ وَ اسْتِدْعَاءُ رَحْمَةِ اللهِ وَ رِضْوَانِهِ لِشِيعَتِهِمُ الْمُتَّقِينَ وَ اللَّعْنُ لِلْمُتَابِعِينَ لِأَعْدَائِهِمُ الْمُجَاهِرِينَ الْمُنَافِقِينَ His Eminence Imam al-Hasan al-Askari (peace be upon him) said: The most noble of the actions of believers […]