Submission implies the Mastership of the Ahle Bait (peace be upon them)

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عَنْ اَبِيْ بَصِيْرٍ قَالَ سَمِعْتُ اَبَا عَبْدِ اللهِؑ يَقُولُ يا اَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوْا ادْخُلُوْا فِيْ السِّلْمِ كَافَّةً وَ لا تَتَّبِعُوْا خُطُوَاتِ الشَّيْطانِ قَالَ اَ تَدْرِيْ مَا السِّلْمُ قَالَ قُلْتُ اَنْتَ اَعْلَمُ قَالَ وَلَايَةُ عَلِيٍّ وَ الْاَئِمَّةِ الْاَوْصِيَاءِ مِنْ بَعْدِهِ عَلَیْہِمُ السَّلَامُ قَالَ وَ خُطُوَاتُ الشَّيْطَانِ وَ اللهِ وَلَايَةُ فُلَانٍ وَ فُلَانٍ

Abu Baseer reports, “I heard Imam Sadeq (peace be upon him) say, ‘O you who believe! Enter into submission one and all and do not follow the footsteps of Shaitan’; he (peace be upon him) asked, ‘Do you understand what is submission?’ I replied, ‘You know better’. He (peace be upon him) said, ‘The mastership of Ali and the Imams, the successors after him.’ Thereafter, he (peace be upon him) informed, ‘And the footsteps of Shaitan’, by Allah, refers to the mastership of so and so (referring to the two usurpers).”


Welaayah means to accept the orders and instructions and obey that person.


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