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  • Visiting Imam Husain (a.s.) – A Believer’s Duty

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Ibn Qulawayh narrates from his father and Muhammad Ibn Hasan from Hasan Ibn Mitteel and Muhammad Ibn Hasan said that Muhammad Ibn Hasan al-Saffaar narrated to me, all of them have narrated from Ahmad Ibn Abi Abdillah al-Barqi from Hasan Ibn Ali Ibn Fadhdhaal from Abu Ayyub Ibrahim Ibn Uthman al-Khazzaaz from Muhammad Ibn Muslim […]

  • Importance of Weeping for Imam Husain (a.s.)

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Imam Reza (a.s.) informed Rayyan Ibn Shabeeb: یَا ابْنَ شَبِیبٍ إِنْ کُنْتَ بَاکِیاً لِشَیْ ءٍ O son of Shabeeb! If you wish to weep over something فَابْکِ لِلْحُسَیْنِ بْنِ عَلِیِّ بْنِ أَبِی طَالِبٍ علیه السلام Then weep for Husain Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.) فَإِنَّهُ ذُبِحَ کَمَا یُذْبَحُ الْکَبْشُ For indeed he was slaughtered […]

  • Punishment for Being Involved in Worldly Affairs on the Day of Aashura

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Imam Reza (a.s.) warned: “Whoever forsakes seeking his needs on the day of Aashura, Allah shall fulfill his desires in the world and the hereafter. The one for whom Aashura is a day of calamity, grief, and mourning, Allah Mighty and Majestic be He, shall make the day of Qiyaamah a day of joy and […]

  • How Ahlul Bait (a.s.) Performed Mourning (Azaadaari)?

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Zaid Ibn Shahhaam narrates that we – a group of people from Kufa – were in the presence of Imam Sadiq (a.s.) when Jafar Ibn Affaan entered. The Imam (a.s.) called Jafar near him and asked: “O Jafar! We’ve come to know that you recite elegies upon Imam Husain (a.s.)?” Jafar replied: “Yes my master, […]

  • Reward of Spending for Mourning (Azaadaari)

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Allah, the High, revealed to Prophet Moosa (a.s.): “O Moosa! There is no servant who spends from his wealth in the love of the son of the daughter of the Prophet (s.a.w.a.) (viz. Imam Husain (a.s.)) by serving food or otherwise, spends one dirham except that I shall make it blessed in this world such […]

  • Ripping the shirt and beating chests (doing Maatam) is a Sunnah

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Allamah Majlisi (a.r.) narrates from Rejaal al-Kashi that: Imam Hasan al-Askari (a.s.) came out of his house for the funeral of his blessed father Imam Ali Naqi (a.s.) in a manner that his shirt was ripped (from the front). Upon seeing this, a man named Abu Aun al-Abrash wrote a letter to the Imam (a.s.) […]

  • Weeping aloud for Ahle Bait (a.s.)

    Reading Time: 2 minutes The sacrifice and martyrdom of Imam Husain (a.s.) is so immense that wherever humanity exists, people shed tears over his tragedy. But on the other hand, are also those who cannot bear people mourning for Imam Husain (a.s.). They are always on the look-out for attempts to reduce this mourning so that people are kept […]

  • Why should we refrain from expressing joy during Muharram?

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Imam Ali Ibn Moosa al-Reza (a.s.) expressed: “When the month of Muharram would approach, my father (viz. Imam Kazim (a.s.)) would not be seen laughing and grief would prevail upon him such that he used to be in this state for 10 days. And the day of Aashura would be a day of sorrow, grief […]