Umar’s Descendant Glorifies Imam Ali (a.s.)

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Abd al-Baaqi Umari Afandi , a very famous poet and a descendant of Umar al-Khattaab, has said a poem in the glorification of Ameerul Momineen Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.) whose first verse was as follows:

O Ali! You are a lofty existence from the above world

Whose birth Allah the High has decreed in the Holy Kabah”

Interestingly, Aaloosi – a celebrated Salafi scholar from Iraq – who belonged to a family of famous Salafi scholars – has written a commentary on this poem. On page 15 of this commentary, he writes:

“The birth of Ali in the House of Allah is an affair that is extremely famous (and thus irrefutable).”

(Al-Ghadeer, vol. 6, p. 37)

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