Was Abu Bakr the first Muslim?

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“Repeat a lie so many times that it becomes more reliable than the truth” goes a famous proverb. Some Ahle Tasannun scholars – in their attempt to glorify their leaders – have fabricated and spread such lies that these have become like “famous truths” today. One of them is the canard that Abu Bakr was the first to accept Islam. But a cursory glance at their historical books exposes the fib.

Muhammad Ibn Sa’d reports: I asked my father whether Abu Bakr was the first person to accept Islam? My father replied: No. Rather before him, FIFTY (50) persons had already accepted Islam.

(Tarikh al-Umam wa al-Muluk by Muhammad Ibn Jarir al-Tabari (exp. 310 A.H.), vol. 2, p. 231, Chapter of Zikr al-Khabar Ammaa Kaana Min Amr al-Nabi (s.a.w.a.))

Another famous historian, Thiqat al-Din Ali Ibn al-Hasan, famous as Ibn Asaakir (exp. 571 A.H.), has recorded the same narration verbatim.

(Tarikh Madinah Demishq, Ibn Asaakir, vol. 30, p. 45, Biography of Abu Bakr).

Despite such strong references, how can one continue to quote these lies? The scholars of Ahle Tasannun should realize that in this age of internet, technology and connectivity, modern day youngsters are having access to knowledge on their fingertips. All facts and documents are subject to intense scrutiny and examination.



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